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Beard Oil

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✅ Sandalwood Beard Oil enriched with Vitamin E to keep your Beard soft and healthy. This oil moisturizes your skin and beard to prevent itching. No more chafing or pedicures.

✅ EASY TO USE: Place a few drops of oil between your fingers, massage into your beard then finish with a stroke of Barbman Beard Brush. You can also use this oil on your mustache or in combination with a beard balm.

✅ ACCELERATES GROWTH: Our Beard Oil also helps stimulate your facial hair to make your beard grow faster and stronger.

🎁 PERFECT GIFT: REAL men don't ask for slippers for their birthdays. REAL men ask for products to tame their wild beards! We just saved you a bunch of research :)

Customer Reviews

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Kai Eaves
A little goes a long way

Arrived promptly and in perfect condition.
I've been growing a substantial beard recently, and I'm a little reluctant to shave it all off so I thought I'd try out some beard-care products.
I was a little worried by the small volume of the bottle, but you don't need to use much of it each day - literally just a few drops. So, a little goes a long way. In fact, it's a good price for volume compared to many other beard oils.
This feels good on the skin, I’ve found it keeps my fingers moisturized as well as my beard when I use it (I suppose that’s no surprise, but it’s a plus!).
I bought it along with the same brand's Barbman Beard Balm and Barbman Beard Wash. Overall, I'm very satisfied with each of them and prefer these to others that I’ve tried.
This would also be a great small gift or stocking filler for a beardy friend or relative. In fact I have someone in mind – it’s a shame Christmas isn’t for another ten months!

G A Macdonald
Wonderful Oil

As I have stated for the other products that I ordered from BARBMAN, delivery time was very good to a remote place.
As was the case for the Beard Shampoo that can also be found here, the instructions were very clear and easy to follow. When the volume is not too big, it is very good to have clear instructions so as to not use too much at one time. The volume here is not large at all but not much is needed when it is being used so do not be deterred by the size. It helps your skin a lot too which I found very helpful as my skin had caused me some problems up until now, but this has a moisturizer which helps keep it from drying up. As with their other products which I would also recommend, there is a satisfaction guarantee, and I can see why.

Great even if you don’t know you need it

Never thought I needed beard oil but the difference it makes in how your beard hair looks is amazing. A definite recommend from me

Beard Oil

At first, the texture feels a little synthetic (think silicone) and the smell is strong. But, after it gets worked in it feels soft and the smell dies down a good bit.

Julie McShane
Feels and smells great

Husband lives this... says it makes his beard feel less course and much softer...
Smells great too......